About Amy

How it all began...

Growing up with my older brother in the suburban town of Poland, Ohio, I did not pay much attention to the signs received as a child. Kind and well humored, my laugh attracted people. Friends claimed they could always tell when I was close by–because of my loud, infectious laugh. I always loved being around animals, especially my beloved dog. I enjoyed school and especially liked being with friends. This love for people and children continued into adulthood, which led me to earning a degree in education–taking after my parents.    

Looking back, I can see that at a very early age, I exhibited compassion and empathy. I could feel what others were feeling. I had no idea at the time, but these were signs of the gifts I would come to develop as an adult. 

The magical age of 22 brought my first Angel encounter. 

My husband of 10 months suddenly passed from a blood clot that reached his heart. Needless to say, I was shocked and distraught. At the hospital, a woman (seemingly a hospital employee) approached me and offered comfort. There was something different about her…  I felt instant peace and love when she embraced me and her presence was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her energy and message were powerful, enveloping me with love. Instantly, I felt as though everything would be okay. 

Later that night I asked the other hospital staff about her. No one knew of her, nor heard her name before. 

This experience was the first of many, and opened my eyes and heart to the spiritual realm like never before. 

I felt supported and guided through the grieving process. I emerged with a new sense of what my life could be and I began to pray. I prayed to meet someone I could walk through life with and raise a family.  Soon after, I met Michael. We are still walking side by side, raising our amazingly talented son, Angelo. We embrace spirituality as a family.

Amy Rinaldi Contact
Amy is here to connect YOU with your angels, your higher self and your guides to bring about healing on all levels–spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, physically–in this realm.

Stepping onto her path...

In 2017, I met a spiritual friend, Rev. Rodney Scott of Vehicle of Grace, who became my teacher. The sky opened up and the spiritual realm became my world.  I am fully confident angels led me that night to meet and connect with Rev. Scott. 

Whether communicating or healing, I channel my connection with Angels to help others deal with emotional, physical or psychological pain. I truly  believe Angels work all around us to support and guide us through life. 

My qualifications:

  • Santosha Certified Medium
  • Certifications in Reiki I & II
  • Professional Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner
  • Completion Spiritual Insight 1 at Fellowship of the Spirit in Lilydale 

Would you love to read more about Amy's experiences – and other personal encounters with Angels?

Amy works with 2 Angels, Elizabeth and Robert.

When in their presence, she experiences physical sensations like tingling hands, racing heart and chills. Some of the sensations are indefinable–she just knows.

Often Amy can feel the presence of other angels around her, especially when out in nature.


Balanced and structured, Robert helps with male energy.​


Calming, playful, and light, Elizabeth helps with feminine energy.

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