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Connect with your higher self and your guides. Become empowered in your decision making, open up and receive answers, healing and guidance.  Move forward through life’s most difficult times, knowing you are divinely guided. 

Whether communicating or healing, I channel my connection with Angels to help others deal with emotional, physical or psychological pain. When called upon, Angels can and do help any situation. I receive messages and use the information to help you cope with whatever life brings you. 

I envision a world where Angels and humans work together in bringing about change and healing for all. I seek to educate others on how they can connect with their guides and access unlimited information from the universe–through nature, meditation and other spiritual practices. 

–Amy Rinaldi, Spiritual Medium


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Amy Rinaldi

Spiritual Medium

This amazing journey we call life is full of ups and downs, challenges and uncertainties. My own life experiences led me on a path to connect with and communicate directly with Angels.  I know you have many questions, I am here to help you tap in and find answers.

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